Eureka! Our Staffing Software Can Do That?

Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and artist who lived way aback in BC shouted “Eureka!” if he accomplished how to appraisal the aggregate of a accustomed mass. Eureka, in simpler terms, agency “I accept begin it.”

On the added abreast side, apprenticeship can accommodate some rather allegorical thoughts which may advance to a agnate epiphany. Knowledge is able and can accent an approach. Einstein was accepted to remark, “a storm bankrupt apart in my mind.” Such a acknowledgment agency that something is “clicking.”

Millions of users plan with staffing software on a circadian basis. It is absorbing to wonder: How abounding of those users are absolutely using the accoutrement that are provided to advice them achieve added money? Is it artlessly an cyberbanking book cabinet? Software is a cost if it is break acclimated but is an investment if activated to advice administer added business.

Software is advised to bear solutions. Using it from a holistic compassionate can actualize an ambiance that is productive, creative, and bears fruit. What if your software could advice you access business by 10%? What if your software could advice you administer 10% added business comfortably? What if all of this could appear artlessly if users were able-bodied accomplished to yield advantage of the accoutrement that the software offers? Why is it, then, that training is generally a low antecedence for active companies?

Let’s face it: Nobody absolutely has abundant chargeless time in today’s animated business environment. We accept meetings, buzz calls, and affairs to do. Unfortunately, our flurry of action translates to a abridgement of planning, acknowledgment rather than proactive initiatives, and artlessly aggravating to achieve it through the day. That affects the bottom-line of every business. It leads to problems that accept to be fixed, annoyed customers, and accident of revenue. Software can help.

Staffing software is accurately advised to achieve acquirement and achieve tasks simpler and easier. A big affair is that software users alone were not accomplished on how to use the software effectively. It is a allegory that humans can apprentice how to use software by sitting down at a keyboard and “playing about with it.” It doesn’t amount how simple the software is to use. There are consistently “best practice” means to go about tasks and appearance that accept to be learned.

In adjustment to be assured that users are able-bodied abreast on how to best achieve tasks with their software, a academic training affairs can be implemented by companies behindhand of the admeasurement of the company. The affairs can be simple and calmly managed in three baby steps.

1. Train all new users. You can do it yourself by putting calm a basal chic album with contest accompanying to circadian tasks. If you can, accredit anyone aural the alignment that has the albatross of training all new users. The trainer can even be an admin getting that is acceptable with software.

Another advantage is blockage with your bell-ringer to acquisition out what they can accommodate for new user training. They may accept academic classes or webinars available, sometimes at no cost.

2. Provide an on-line or printed handbook of how you wish advisers to use the software in adjustment to accomplish job tasks. For example, how to almanac addendum if they allege to a chump or how to handle resumes getting beatific from the system. Use simple advertisement to affirm that the software is getting activated in accordance with the standards you accept set. This is abundant for tracking quotas vs. absolute performance.

3. Train absolute users on new features. When your software is upgraded with new features, achieve abiding to yield advantage of any chargeless training or webinars provided by your vendor.

Periodically, ask your bell-ringer to accommodate avant-garde training to your users. There may be a amount associated, but if you accomplish what was learned, this will be an investment that will pay for itself abounding times over with abundant results. In addition, advisers will accede it an added advantage that you are accouterment to them for self-improvement. It’s a win-win.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Video Interview

In a agenda era breadth the apple revolves about technology than anytime before, added businesses are leveraging videos in their recruiting and hiring action to save time and access productivity. Whether it’s in the construction, engineering, or ecology industry, video interviews is a acceptable move for companies and interviewees akin as anniversary are able to actuate whether the best is a acceptable fit efficiently.

Yet, just because it’s a video account doesn’t accomplish it beneath assumption accident or easier on your part. Preparation is basic in adjustment to acreage the job of your dream decidedly if this video account is the gateway. Ensuring you’re accessible in avant-garde positions you to win so you’re assured in your supply and accomplish an amazing consequence with your abeyant employer.

Here are 5 able tips on how to adapt for a video interview.

#1 Convenance Makes Perfect!

Just as you would for an in-person interview, it’s important to go over acceptable questions that will be asked so you acknowledge with aplomb and belief. You see, the added you go over your answers, the assertive and assertive you’ll be during the interview. You’ll acutely highlight your abilities and ability in a way that’s abridged yet still showcases your ability for the job. You aswell will not bollix over your words nor get too circumlocutory in your response.

So we can accede that convenance makes perfect. Spend the time traveling over accepted account questions and your answers so you’re abundantly prepared. Say them aloud as if you’re speaking anon to the interviewer. Review your resume to calmly allotment your adventures that chronicle to the position.

Finally, analysis the aggregation and their goals. Understand their mission and the accommodation in which they serve their clients. When accomplishing so, you’ll analyze how you can fit into their eyes and acquaint this during the video interview.

#2 Check Your Background

The surrounding breadth abaft you can either add to your video account or become a distraction. Be alert of what’s abaft you so it doesn’t backbite or baffle with your answers. Here are a few guidelines to authoritative abiding you’re ambience up your accomplishments for success:

  • Refrain from traveling to a coffee boutique breadth it can get blatant during aiguille hours
  • Let your domiciliary apperceive that you’re accomplishing an account and it’s acute that they’re quiet and in addition room. Try not to accept humans walking abaft you in the video interview
  • An appointment ambience is absolute or the kitchen. Be abiding that it’s nice and accurate in the background
  • If you opt for the board in the bedroom, accomplish it tidy with the bed made, clothes off the floor, etc.
  • Accept able lighting by putting a ablaze behind your computer so your face is illuminated. Avoid aphotic areas that could accomplish it difficult to see your or casts caliginosity on your face

#3 Accept Acceptable Aspect and Poise

Great aspect emanates aplomb and activity for the accountable matter. Convenance befitting your aback beeline with your amateur hardly pulled aback for an cocked posture. This position aswell helps your breath which is a key agency in abating any agitation accomplished during the video interview.

Another tip to bolstering your aspect and address is talking with your hands, however, don’t amplify it. Use them as a apparatus to advice absolution any abashed activity or appearance your absorption while answering a question.

#4 Accomplish a Analysis Run

From Skype to Google Hangouts, GoToWebinar and Zoom, there are several options administration can accept as their video technology for the interview. It’s important to analysis the software in beforehand to ensure its alive properly.

For example, some applications may charge to be downloaded above-mentioned to the account if you don’t already accept them installed on your computer. Avoid cat-and-mouse until the day of to ascertain if your accessory is able or not. Apperceive the software that will be acclimated and accomplish a analysis run 1-2 canicule afore the account so you’re ready!

If possible, analysis it with a acquaintance on the software that you’ll be using. Get their acknowledgment on the lighting, surrounding accomplishments and your posture.

#5 Be Yourself!

People are gluttonous actuality and accuracy in an age breadth advice is generally conveyed through technology. Allow the accuser to acquaintance your accurate personality, assuming how you’ll be a absolute asset to the team. Don’t be abashed to bleed affection and alacrity for the position you’re after. Be yourself… that’s what they’re searching for!

When talking, be abiding to attending anon into the camera. This is agnate to authoritative eye acquaintance in-person which reveals aplomb and character.


Preparing for a video account does not accept to be a alarming task. By implementing these tips, you will actualize an ambiance for success to addition your account achievement and acreage you the job you admiration in the construction, engineering, or ecology industry.

Secrets of Bonding 148: The Greatest Impediment to Bonding

Surety bonds are harder to get. Contractors and their allowance agents apperceive that underwriters are conservative. They ask lots of questions. Then they ask added questions. Then they say they can’t advice you. It’s a fun-filled process.

Some contractors can’t get affirmed because they accept a poor acclaim history. Others accept anemic or bereft banking statements. There are affluence of affidavit for an black ending, but what is the individual better reason – and what can you do about it?

Crappy credit: This is a actual accepted problem. The aggregation may be disturbing to get abundant work, consistent in a anemic acclaim report. So they adjudge to move into accessible plan for added revenues – but the bad acclaim address makes this impossible. Sometimes the address can be bigger by acclimation errors and afterlight the info. This is not the greatest impediment contractors and their agents face.

Weak or bereft banking statement: There are innumerable abeyant problems. No banking statement, alone an centralized statement, alone a compilation, an acting FS, a net loss, no alive basic – the pitfalls are endless! It’s not the better impediment though.

Unsavory circumstances: Excessive bid spreads, bare above-mentioned experience, bad band forms, acrid arrangement terms, too abundant added work. They are all bad, but they are not the king.

The Greatest Impediment

Picture how the action starts. When the architect decides to go afterwards bonding, a account of advice is requested. The advocate wants business and claimed banking statements. A accepted plan in action agenda is needed. Above-mentioned tax returns, resumes of key humans and a coffer advertence letter are desired.

The architect wants to accompany this, but MAN, that’s a lot of stuff!

He has not bare to accomplish aggregation banking statements, so how to appear up with them now?

The aggregation buyer never bare to accomplish a resume, consistently been self-employed. How do I address that up?

The WIP schedule: I don’t accept that advice available. I apperceive area I am on all my jobs. Why would I yield the time to ample out a agglomeration of forms anyway?

I can get the coffer advertence letter completed and accomplish copies of above-mentioned tax allotment (they wish the WHOLE THING?!) But if I do that, who’s gonna do the ciphering so we don’t run out of work? And I accept to appointment the projects or aggregate will bullwork to a halt. The workers wish to milk every job like it’s their last. They’ll blot the profits out of aggregate if I accord them the chance.


The greatest impediment is the appellant themselves! In my 40+ years of aggressiveness band underwriting, I accept assured that MOST contractors deserve to be bonded, but a lot of abort to access aggressiveness support. It is because they stop trying, or never absolutely start. Humans accept to accomplish choices. They accept to put aliment on the table. If they can accomplish by accomplishing what they know, why try some agreement that may fail? Sometimes it’s just easier to accumulate accomplishing the aforementioned affair – even if you are discontent.

Our ascertainment is that bonding takes backbone and patience. It is a journey, a aisle with abrupt twists. There can be obstacles, but we accept solutions! If contractors or agents apprehend it to be fast and easy… they may be disappointed.

Applicants for bonding accept to plan to allot some time and activity to accomplish a ambition they apperceive is worthy. It says a lot to accept a aggressiveness abetment you. They are vouching for your ability, and putting up their own money to prove it. It’s a big accord and not consistently easy, but consistently account it in the end.